Permanent Care

Copeland Life Care™ sets us apart through the promise of benevolent assistance to help those who have outlived their assets.

Never Worry About Your Future

For over 50 years, Copeland Oaks has been offering seniors peace of mind. The Oaks Foundation promises not only to help take care of those who have outlived their resources, but we are dedicated to improving the campus, amenities and community at Copeland Oaks for a better retirement.

The Life Care Fund provides financial assistance to those who have outlived their assets and can no longer afford to pay for the costs of their care, housing, meals, and healthcare needs. Life Care at Copeland Oaks combines all the advantages of independent living with high quality services and amenities including social activities, spiritual wellness, health and fitness programs, dining services, and healthcare needs.

Typically, $800,000 is provided in charitable care in any given year to residents who find themselves in unfortunate financial circumstances. Support for this fund is greatly needed.

Resident Testimonials

Copeland Takes Care of Its Residents
“No one knows how long they will live or how their health will be. By supporting The Oaks Foundation, you are currently helping others and who knows, in the future, maybe yourselves. Copeland Life Care is a wonderful program and is handled with dignity. The Foundation promotes capital improvement projects as well as new projects. Copeland Oaks takes care of its residents!”
– Robert and Janet Sevits

Assuring Quality Assisted Living
oaks-foundation-don-james-assisted-living-centerShortly after coming to Copeland Oaks, I realized I had made the best decision of my life; to be living with caring, loving staff and neighbors on a beautiful 250-acre campus. I quickly became involved with various resident committees. As the years passed, I saw the growth in demand for Assisted Living rapidly exceed Copeland Oak’s out dated offerings. Thus, when management also saw this need, and asked for financial support, I was pleased to be able to comply.
~ Donald R. James

Support The Oaks Foundation
“The Oaks Foundation makes it possible for all residents no matter what financial status they end up in, to not have to move from Copeland. Anyone who has extra funds available beyond their own needs, usually is glad to contribute to the Foundation to aid in the support of those persons who find themselves in financial need in their last years. We made the decision at an early age and moved to Copeland Oaks. It also has given us the freedom to travel at length without having to be concerned about the status of our property back home.”
– Richard and Jean Yoder

Secure Their Future

Honor a loved one and make continued care possible with a tribute to the Copeland Life Care Fund.

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